Kick in the door, loot the room, and stab your friends in the back in Munchkin!

Kick in the door, kill all the monsters, and collect the loot.Check out this dungeon crawling card game that doesn’t require any roleplaying. Take on your friends to see who can make it to level 10 first. Will you team up with your best buds to take that monster down or stab them in the back and laugh when Bad Stuff happens to the? This is Munchkin by Steve Jackson Games.

Munchkin card game

In Munchkin, you play the role of a hero who is making his or her way through the dungeon. Collect and play equipment, race, class, and item cards to make yourself grow stronger and fight monsters to gain levels. The first player to level 10 is the winner. But don’t let the monster get you, or Bad Stuff will happen. At it’s core, Munchkin is simple to understand, but it is far from a simple game. Your friends are in competition with you, and they’ll do everything they can to stop from you leveling up. They might make the monsters stronger or play a Wandering Monster card and make you face more than one at a time. Stabbing your best friends in the back is encouraged in this game!


Munchkin is a fantastic game you can use to introduce your friends to the world of tabletop gaming. This is especially true if they’re already fans of RPG or MMO video games. Equipment is easy to understand since it follows the rules of reality, unless you use a Cheat card to get around the rules. The classic RPG parody style of the cards will have you entertained as you try to see what kind of crazy characters you can put together to take on the creatures lurking in the dungeon. Munchkin is easy to pick up and can be taught in just a few minutes, making it accessible to players of all types of experience. While there isn’t much deep strategy, the game is full of fun and humor, which makes it a hit at our game nights.

Fair warning, this is a very competitive game, so if your gaming group has a lot of sore losers or likes to argue over rules, you should probably avoid it. It’s a rarity, but some of the rules are open to interpretation, and Munchkin has a habit of getting some players worked up.

Over the years, a ton of extra material has been released, adding even more cards, equipment, classes, and races to the game, so it can never get old. Munchkin retails for $24.95, but it can be found for less than 17 dollars on Amazon, making it easy on the wallet. The expansions go for around the same price, but aren’t necessary to start playing, so it’s easy to add to the game over time, keeping it fresh and new for everyone.

We think you should give Munchkin a try at your next game night and give it a 4/5.

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